hypermedia activism solutions

An MP3 introduction by Kirk Fontenot

  • 21st century media; 20th century context
  • No meticulous interactivity; surface info
  • Chasing polls and hot topics with rhetoric and sound bites, while GATT is 23,000 pages
  • You elect an entire candidate, not single issue (the good, the bad and the ugly)
  • It's not checkers; it's chess
  • Visual maps and structures
  • Calibration to tailor and find weak spots (give them what they need but are NOT looking for!)
  • Establish precedent like in computer code
  • Harder to dance around issues; iron ideology
  • Long term problems need long term solutions; retrospect material
  • The formula and format of town hall meetings and group therapy
  • Personality charts like the MBTI, Enneagram and colorgenics
  • Tailor toward the individual; specific info and how it is formatted
  • Polarize political activity, maximize the potential of the individual and have new denominator of mass info handling

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