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Cool quotes for good games:

(Nolan Bushnell) Minimum rules; maximum richness!
(Unknown) Easy to learn BUT difficult to master!

Ideas for games and game sites:

Have piece and editorials focusing on the actual coding of games, stay on the hardware/software/technical end, so when you have gobs of that material, there is more stuff for you to be flagged in search engines, you are appealing to the technically oriented as well as the lamen game players

Have a cross referencing section that is forwarded to the video card makers, and the viewer input may affect their next video card, or see if the video card people have a vested interest in, by maybe putting a link to it on their video apps, or a tag on their manuals

In effect, try to tap into the entities that have money immediately changing hands. For example, a link on is, where people are most likely to spend money. Like a video card company. Have the professional developers be aware of the site. E-mail Radeon, Nvidia, ATI, and propose the idea.

Visit the big game sites, and see the most occuring keywords they contain, and write articles containing those words. See what the big game sites are lacking. I've done this with the political sites, and I have seen that the in depth sub-dissecting of theme in the ideology simply is not there. You have sites like that have a trillion links and awards for being on top, but not a hint of some ideology explanaiton. The site has a nice layout of candidates and the ideology, and on a "chart" like at or the enneagram. Maybe we can make a sort of map for video game elements!

Have a list of all old games ever made, so when people search for those over the net, they find you. Host emulators and ROMS and get that outlandish high traffic. E-mail XBOX, n64, Sega, PS2, and hasbro and see if they have an alliance with freelance gamer sites:

Host discussion boards as you suggested. Get that input!

Have audio and video critiques! I've never seen that! That may attract viewers, and the sensory factor may appeal to people so that they return to the site!

(1)1980's story, romanticism, Atari C64, and nastalgia. MAME emulators. Say the whole point about games not having so much machine power, and had to rely on game play instead of gloss

(2)Educational game elements, metal alloys and radiation and warfare tactics used in combat simulators, chemistry, gravity, physics, social issue and politics.

(3)top 40 complaints of specific video games

(3a)1996 Star Trek Borg, part where you had to hit the phaser button in a split second. You can't walk around the ship, mistake reels are limited, you can't win through alternate routes, you are forced to have choices only at pre-determined junction points

(4)Top 40 game elements (note this is not top games because that is beaten into the ground - target the specific elements!

(5)Top 40 game elements you have never seen and wish someone would do!

(5a) Mario Bros, don't allow ten players at the same time

(5b)MASKING-taking old 1980's video games and putting gloss such as palyer graphic detail and scenery on them

(6)Categorize! This could help put a visualization of the scope of game play out there.


(6b)semi-destination (vanguard)


(6d)reflex (asteroids, space invaders)

(6e)plot oriented (a mind forever voyaging)

(7)What type people play what games?

(7a)D&D play the Everquest

(7b)Risk players play StarCraft

(7c)Outdoors people play the sportgames

(8)Build timeline of game development

(8a)Here is where IBM compatible became more of a standard, where c64 and atari were on their way out

(8b)Wing Commander



(8e)Influence of machines power tilted the game toward gloss instead of play!

(9)Did like I said "Boy Clinton" book that trashed Clinton. He perfectly overlayed the timeline of national issues (hippies, coat and tie radicals, with Clinton's college years, linked the newly refined hippies at alumni graduation meetings asking themselves if they sold out, and laying that over with the Clinton corruption, saying that the staying of the same ideology of 60's rhetoric was the same as a Cro-Magnon seeing his partner fall into the lake and see that the partner did not return) and overlay

sub cultures of gamers and computer geeks

with the

development of hardware

with the

entities putting the video games out

(programmers no longer envisioned and coded, concept was by developers, and games are far too big for the envisioner to code themself)

to accurately paint the picture.