Phase II

I don't NEED to wax a school yard or public place. The USA has already been given the tap on the shoulder. This is phase II; a mouthpiece needs to arise. I'm trying to make this a positive story about a bipolar person, instead of one more story where a bipolar person shoots up a schoolyard.

My all-out call out manifesto
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My summation voice file

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All-out call out to the alienated, like mass shooters in the past
sound --- text
All-out call out to community pillars who FAIL raped women and enable the rapists
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All-out call out to the failed conservatives and Christian churches
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All-out call out to the Information Technology community
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All-out call out to the psychological community for hypermedia counseling
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My ideas/goals to demonstrate my type of thought
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This is the interface technology that I hope can be used in a techno-cultural revolution. Freaks and Geeks of this world, don't shoot up a school yard, but join me!! Your eccentricism can be your GIFT, not your curse! Vent your anger, hatred and rage, through this! We see the world from the outside, and are more cerebral than a typical mainstream conformist. You can be the hero instead of the villain. video --- text -- (My software concepts)

Eye gear: Meta, Leonar3do, Oculus Rift, Morpheus, Vive Hand gear: Dexmo, Razer Hydra, Sixense STEM 3D body immersion: Virtuix Omni, Virtualizer, Kor, Araig, Prio VR Athletic gear potential: Hendo Hover

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