Sites of the Ultrafaction Commonwealth

These sites are either information/activist hubs, or sites that try to display the political spectrum:

My Capitol Watch Dog. A Louisiana site that tracks ALL legislative bills!!

Legiscan Another bill tracker but for the entire nation! (Formerly E-Lobbyist)

On The Issues (Check out their ideological map and see where you stand!)

  • Every candidate on every issue! (almost)
  • Tons of data!

  • Vote on current issues

    Politics (Hub site)

  • Tons of political links!

    E-Politics (The how-to for online campaigns)

    The Advocates(A Libertarian group; take the world's SMALLEST political quiz!!!)

    Technical stuff that has stuff in common with us...

    Object Role Modeling


    The picture above depicts a spacial outlook of what an ideological grid or map would look like during information navigation. According to John Underkoffler, three dimensional navigation/manipulation is the future and much that isn't spacial inherently can be depicted spacially.

    Sites that have earned a spot here:

    Modern Science map This kind of mapping done politically could make an incredible activist engine!!

    Science maps This site does with science what Ultrafaction is trying to do with politics

    Mugsy's Rap Sheet

  • Cited that a lot of Republicans have ditched social issues and become blind warhawks and other stuff...

    The Ultrafaction Generic Political Quiz