Welcome to RAPE FREE NATION!!!

The time has come for a line to be crossed.

The rules need to change!

Provoke rapists...

Let the so-called community pillars (cops, lawyers, judges...) know that you are not going to just take in in the ass and they will be held acountable for their cowardice and apathy. Don't become just another statistic!

The psyche of raped women needs to be more aggressivley researched so that we can get these women to stop thinking like victims and fighting back like soldiers!

Every element in the "Holy Rape State" needs to be investigated to provoke every person from every sub-culture to change what they are so they stop being part of the problem! For example:

The rape victim herself

The girls/guys who know a rape happened but don't want to "get involved"
The people who suspect a rape but don't dig
The so-called community pillars who simply say "My hands are tied" or "That's not my jurisdiction".
Media figures that don't bring more attention to it
Being passive about rape jokes and people who justify or trivialize rape

...and so on! You get the idea!

We now have a "Holy Rape State"; make no mistake about that! Rape is a SACRAMENT of pop-culture!

The goal of a rapist is to turn the woman into THEM; full of hate and living off of their own RAGE like a food supply!!

In 1994, I made a point to a few friends of mine. If we turned on the news and saw some Nazi-like army marching with uniforms in broad daylight storming through cities and had raped 700,000 women, there would be far more direct intervention and obvious outrage! I say this figure because in 1994, it was in the news that there were 700,000 documented rapes in 1993. But because the SAME atrocity is happening, but it is scattered and cloaked, that the ability to target the evil diminishes exponentially! So the requirment is to become a zillion times more dynamic and complex in attacking it!

A friend of mine compared me to the activist mentality in his church and said, "Kirk, we go after individuals! YOU go after institutions!" Which is of course, a zillion times harder and complex, and much much much LESS satisfying with FAR LESS immediate results!

The psycho killer in the movie Seven said something along the lines of "You can't tap people on the shoulder today! You have to hit them with a sledge hammer!" I couldn't have said it better myself!

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