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These are terms and concepts that different factions use in politics. They can be tools, accusations or subfactions of ideology.

(In alphabetical order - more to come in the future)

Advocacy Research

This is the concept of obtaining information and to twist it to fit a certain cause. This has many forms and is something that both sides accuse the other of doing.

Angry White Male

This is an accusation that liberals use against conservatives due to the notion that conservatism is an old-dog, good ole' boy ideology. This means they want blacks serving them and women in the kitchen. Also, the anger comes from the notion that white males are losing power; hence angry white male.


This is something that conservatives accuse liberals of doing. It is said that Adolf Hitler also did this. In a debate about condoms in highschools, a liberal may say something like: "Get REAL, face REALITY, are you going to continue to let our kids DIE from AIDS?" In this, no real fact is used but a tilted point of view is gotten across.

Government in the bedroom

This is something that liberals accuse conservatives of doing. This can be sex laws that forbid strip joints or prostitution, or even laws against abortion. This is the accusation of some entity imposing morality, which liberals say is done and unconstitutional.

Party Building

This is an accusation that I have heard that has an elite group of people or engineering a party to fit their personal agenda. This is a real danger because not much can be done unless you belong to a party, and if a party is controlled by an elite, you are in big trouble.

Political correctness

This is a conservative accusation against liberals. This can be defined in an infinite number of ways. One big way is to say that liberals want to protect people's feelings and try to make things fair. So, you end up with things like teachers in school that quit using red ink so it doesn't blair that the child made a mistake, curbing history so that Mexican children don't get offended about the U.S. fighting with Mexicans, and so forth.


The best example of this is when liberals accuse conservatives of doing this. A manifestation of this is the Ten Commandments in a high school, or prayer in school. Liberals say that this is a pretense of some ideology, and yet nothing is actually getting done. This is tied to many heated and controversial issues.


This is a negative term that conservatives use against some liberals. This is an accusation that a liberal tries to analyze the conservative mindset and can draw all kind of conclusions about conservatives.

Social engineering

This is the notion of Big Government taking over and controlling our lives. Conservatives usually say this about liberals.


This is when morality seems to be imposed through legislation indirectly. There are too many instances of this to mention all of them.

Symbolism over substance

This is what Rush Limbaugh says that liberals do. This can be the liberal version of conservative posturing.


This is a negative term that conservatives use for liberals who are collectors of giant amounts of information and studies that they use to say that they are an authority in an issue, ignoring the fallacy that having more information on something doesn't make your conclusions right.

Media clips from political moments; some more famous than others

You can HOT LINK if you want to!

Reagan talking about a hippie that was dependent on parents or government

Reagan when the moderators to a debate threatened to turn off his microphone when it got a little heated. He said he was PAYING for his microphone!

Reagan We begin bombing in five minutes (1984???) This was supposed to be a joke, and as the story goes, he asked if the microphone was OFF and he was told YES. So he cracked this joke about what he called the Evil Empire, the Soviet Union.

You're no Jack Kennedy Lloyd Bentsen telling Quayle October 1988 when Quayle said that he was as experienced as JFK was when he assumed the Presidency

Read my lips: No New Taxes George Bush Senior in 1988 at the Republican convention promising that even when the Democrat congress pushed him to raise taxes that he wouldn't. He DID! He got a lot of guff for that.

Clinton trashing the Republicans for talking about family values; at the 1992 Democrat convention.

Reagan 1992 at the republican convention. For those of you who will miss this reference, Clinton was asked about drug use and he said he tried marijuana but did not inhale. And of course the next comment is a reference to the above "Senator, you're no Jack kennedy" in 1988, four years prior.

Reagan saying that (I think) the Clinton white house was whining.

Pat Buchanan on Al Gore and Ted Kennedy in the 1992 Republican convention.

Alan Keyes defending himself on attacking Clinton when John Stewart on Politically Incorrect was pounding him about Nixon (around 1998?) Deepthroat was an infamous porn movie, and was also the codename for an informant that busted Nixon with watergate (in 1974?). So this is to set up the clip for Keyes clashing with John Stewart.

George W Bush on the site May 21 1999 (I think). Now is just an anti-Dubya sticker site, but it was much more organized with much more stuff such as a liberal BBS and tons of anti-Dubya clips.

Al Gore announcing his run for the President with my reaction.

Clinton slipped up in the State of the Union Address.

Clinton getting Abe Lincoln confused with the Founding Fathers.

Collage of infamous political clips.

Random Fun

A friend of mine saying STOP whenever I asked her to say something into the microphone, with an added echo effect!

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