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In crossfire and battle across the political realms of cyberspace, these are allied communications with which I have been entrusted; learn from them...

Comparing Hitler to Liberals:

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Hitler was a vegetarian and animal rights activists. Among his first acts was to enact Germany's first comprehensive Animal Protection Code in 1933. He was also pro-abortion, even early (as in partial-birth) infanticide in cases of congenital defects. His centralized elitist (platonic) eugenics programs included euthanasia, fully supported by the chairs of German (and many non-teutonic!) Universities. The repeated claims for "racial hygienics" were widely supported by the Inteligentsia and Iluminaty on a "scientific" Darwinian basis. Those local physicians that refused to submit to state control, many on the basis that Genesis implies a common human ancestry, found their supposedly guaranteed rights under the new "democracy" abrogated, their professional lives ended by support of the judiciary. Hitler was also allied with the film industry (Eva Braun), and opposed by the military and most protestant ministers. His religious practices were NOT Christian. He brought back the primitive animist/pantheist nordic rites, orgies and all. Nonetheless, he found favor with many of the High Church hierarchy and his relation to Rome alternated. Hitler's early supporters maintained: "it's the economy, stupid", and viewed his elitist ideological views as idiosyncracies that would pass with time. Hitler cried and his heart publicly bled for the necessity to wage war in Bosnia, as elsewhere. He clearly felt the middle class's pain, in public. He did establish multiple centralized government plans which were credited with Germany's resurgence. Though mutual hatred existed between the National Socialist party and OTHER COMMUNISTS was real, the non-aggression pact with Stalin shows a greater kinship than most histories admit. His Semitic views were in line with both Louis Farrakhan and old-time Southern Democrats, as well as some republicans.

So......... Question for debate: If he lived today, what would he register to vote as? Would he be more welcome at a Green peace or Bible study?

Quotes from others
(My personal favorites)

"History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has either been a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration to ultimate national disaster."

-------------------------------------General Douglas MacArthur

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"For man, when perfected, is the best of animals, but when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all, since armed injustice is the more dangerous, meant to be used by intelligence and virtue, he is the most unholy and savage of all animals, and the worst of full of lust and gluttony." -------------------------------------Aristotle
"Every institution is the length and shadow of one man."

-------------------------------------Ralph Waldo Emerson

(THIS IS NOT THE EXACT QUOTE) "The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who during a moral crisis, remained in neutrality."


"Sex is hereditary; if your parents didn't have it, neither will you." -------------------------------------Murphy's laws on sex

The Logic of Teen Sex

I got this on the net from a woman CUTTING DOWN a woman from the Concerned Women of America. The argument against the liberal Sex ed was GOOD, so I copied it and discarded the letter of the liberal cutting it down.
Pro-Family Sex Instruction Anti-Family Sex Instruction
Emphasis on sex in marriage "If it feels good, do it!"
Importance of family and children Importance of self and desires
Teaches sanctity of human life Advocates abortion and euthanasia
Respect for parents and grandparents Experimentation and rebellion
Heterosexual sex between man and woman Homosexuality/bisexuality normal
Pre-marital abstinence Promiscuity
Values and morality based Physical gratification and needs
Instructs on dangers like AIDS Sex is "safe" with condoms
Explains sexually transmitted disease Sexually active take precautions
Instills virtue, right, and wrong Limitless choices and behaviors
Encourages openness with parents Contempt for parents' views
Fosters dignity and self-respect All options are equal in value
Parents are guides to children Sex teachers know best
Promotes religious values and beliefs Promotes man-based philosophy

You might be a liberal if...

(These lists from various sources on the net)


In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck if . . . ", William F. Buckley has come up with a similar way of helping you determine if you're a liberal.

(Mike's note: Normally I write my own topics, but this piece is so good I had to add it to my home page -- I needed a little humor to lighten things up!). Copyright by Mike 1996


You might be a liberal if:

* you've ever left your sociology class thinking, "That professor really knows what he/she/it is talking about."

* you associate the words "model American" with "Bill Clinton"

* you think Dan Rather represents media impartiality

* your response to anything Rush Limbaugh says is, "Well, he's fat."

* the first word in the description of your hair color is "neon"

* you've ever tried to protect the ozone layer

* you've stood for animal rights, but wear leather belts and sandals

* you've ever given a dollar to a bum so he can buy more liquor . . . ummm .

* you ever use the words "Clarence Thomas" and "Uncle Tom" in the same sentence

* you are a vegan

* you have a bumper sticker that says "You Can't Hug With Nuclear Arms" on your car

* you believe diversity represents the extinction of the white race

* you've ever walked around carrying one of those Javahhh mugs

* you pay a 185 percent markup for organically grown food

* you cheered for "Obstructing Justice Simpson" last Tuesday at 1 p.m.

* you don't think it's right to kill rapists and murderers, but do think it's right to kill babies

* you have anything to do with the Compassionate Living Fair

* you want more funding for AIDS research but less for cancer, despite the fact that cancer kills many more people per year

* you have the entire menu at Cup-A-Joe memorized

* you consider yourself open-minded but refuse to listen to anything Jesse Helms has to say

* you abhor censorship unless it's censoring race, religion, Conservatism, Western culture or Rush Limbaugh

* you found yourself unemployed after this past November's election

* you're a dope smoker or a womanizer ... oh, sorry, that's "You might be a Clinton cabinet official if . . ."

* you're the dolt who stole the "Helms '96" bumper sticker from my car

* you think the phrase, ". . . separation of church and state" is in the Constitution

* you cry, "You can't legislate morality," but defend the Roe v. Wade decision in order to legalize your moral position on abortion

* you stay informed by watching MTV News

* you have an "I'm Straight But Not Narrow" button pinned to your book bag

* there is a ring in any part of your head other than your ears

* you think religion is bad for school kids to learn, but think condom giveaways are just what schools need

* you molest campaign workers, then lie about it on national television ... oops, my mistake again, that's "You might be Mel Reynolds if . . ."

* you think Jesse Jackson is a good spokesman for the black community

* you think Jesse Jackson is good at anything

* you lie in bed at night worried that Pat Robertson might be out to get you

* you attribute the rising illegitimacy rate, crime rate or problems in the inner city to Ronald Reagan

* you've ever held up a grocery store line trying to pick between plastic, which isn't biodegradable, or paper, which cuts down innocent trees

* you think the National Organization for Women is made up of average heterosexual women with no lesbian agenda

* you're on the committee to construct the Gay Jewish Women's Cultural Center-- there's a slight chance you're a liberal

* you blame Ronald Reagan and George Bush, but not the spend-happy "Democrooks" for the huge national debt

* banning assault weapons is your solution to end crime (what do you mean punish the criminals?)

* you tell me how to live by telling me I can't tell people how to live

And finally . . .

* you think Ted Kennedy is sober and monogamous.

William F. Buckley, The Minnesota Daily, 10/13/95

"You might be a liberal if . . . " Part Deux

My original article was such a hit that I've decided to add Part Deux to my collection. All the following thoughts come from readers of my home page.

* you claim to be vegetarian for health reasons, but you do drugs;

* you believe Maya Angelou can write poetry;

* you are boycotting more than five consumer products at any given time;

* you moralize against "rich" Republicans while your daddy still pays for your car insurance and vacations at the family beach house;

* you believe there are women whose mental health and career opportunities would be enhanced by having a partial-birth abortion;

* you attack Christianity as irrational, but you leave work early every Thursday to visit a psychic;

* you have a bumper sticker that reads: "Think Globally; Act Locally" ;

* you preach to co-workers that "a person's private life is private," but you were the first one to put it on the office grapevine that the new guy on third floor is "probably gay" because he's 35 and has never married;

* you condemn Rush Limbaugh at every social function, but you've never listened to one of his radio shows;

* you think there is such a thing as a free lunch;

* you think the government can solve the welfare problem;

* you think that healthcare costs will go down if only we adopt the Clinton healthcare proposal;

* you think corporations (rather than their customers) actually pay taxes;

* you think somebody else will pay for your irresponsible actions;

* you think Al Franken is funny!

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