(T)he (R)eason (A)ll (N)ice (S)uckers (F)lunk (A)t (I)nstigating (L)ays (U)nless (R)eally (E)vil!!!!!!!!!

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Survival Guide: The rules of the boinker universe today!

Common mistakes made when people completely misjudge me OR other "nice guys"

Myths about "nice guys", sex, dating and asshole men

Enemy Shit List (Sites that are anti-"nice guy" and pro-asshole)

My Story: Many of the reasons why I haven't gone on a date in five years and WHY THAT MAKES ME A DAMNED AUTHORITY TO YOU DOUCHE BAGS AND WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!

THE BOTTOM LINE is that the USA is in an extreme degenerated state of moral decay and women have historically been on the receiving end of society's ills. They are a living piece of litmus paper that indicates how screwed up America is. They fall for jerks, go for assholes, think they are in control when they reduce themselves to sex objects, stay with guys who beat them and don't report it when they get raped. The abusive husband rips into his wife when he gets home; the evil conquerers rape all of the village women after they destroy their enemies land. Today is no different! This is the base as to why "nice guys" finish last and what has polluted our national moral reference frame!!

TRANS can mean "across" or "beyond". My luck with women has been BEYOND failure!! I call it TRANSFAILURE!! I'm one of those "nice guys" that is fed up with being alone and watching all the pricks and jerks get dates and end up married. In fact, RAPISTS and WIFE BEATERS get more dates than I do!! I don't know which is MORE arrogant: Women who think they can get in a man's world of being the aggressor and think that they can understand it from the outside OR male douche bags that are just blind dumb ass knuckle dragging male brutes and champion conformists that think that they have grounds to put ME in my place!!!!! BOTH factions are wrong!!!!

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