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Articulating Conservatism

The new recipie that I have invented for attacking slut whore pop culture, is seeing that it is a conservative fallacy to look at all of the sex media blitz and half naked teenage girls on the covers of CD's and such and ask "How can we get rid of all of this?". The solution is not to subtract! It is to ADD! Addressing the anger and the backlash that the sexual teeny bopper industry has generated will be the way to sour the milk of the sex industry. Putting pictures of the Trench Coat Mafia next to Brittney Spears really gets the idea across. How can we have these teeny bopper videos with Brittney where everyone is in love and beautiful and zit-free, and at the same time have these kids that hate and want to murder an entire school yard? This will be the new recipe of attacking pop culture.

The new plan that I have long fail to address in extensive detail. The PSEUDO-moral resurrection that this nation is undergoing. All this talk about the drop in teen sex is the Generation X getting it's act together is all a LIE! What has happened is that this delayed fornication is the result of no brainer street smarts that liberalism has finally cloned after the 70 year reign of sexual dissention. I shall elaborate more on this, and I want to get into all of the arguments. The dangers of "Outercourse" teaching kids to help each other masturbate instead of have sex, how that leads to new, complex damage. The explosion of man based theology, like the self improvment culture, motivational guru books, tapes, seminars that make people focus on arbitrary shallow goals in life. The extreme sports era, where everyone is trying to drown their emptiness in skydiving, roller blading, parasailing, and all of the other adrenal rushes that are an attempt to replace the gaping holes in family life and connections with the opposite sex. Also, the warning of the prophecies of Catholic Popes saying the allowed birth control would INCREASE abortion and divorce; and the JOKE that any made man patch can be put over a sin to replace salvation through Jesus Christ!

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