My conservative counter media blueprint

This specific document last updated August 1999

(1)Internet activism (2)Record label "Insane Asylum"
(3)Mass information handling software
(4)Socio-political multimedia movie "Cyberwars"
(5)Found media centers (6)Run for political office

Fiscal restoration
  • Career goals for kids founded in their
    value system and which sub-culture
    to which they subscribe, as opposed to
    amoral, immediately practical, money and power based goals
  • Children's private lives addressed to be more focused
    to make goals rooted in who they are instead of an arbitrary
    career field
  • unemployment
  • poor/sporadic and unstable job market
  • Cultural salvation
  • Reduced teen sex
  • Voluntary Seperatism from porno
  • Address divorce rate
  • Sexes hating each other
  • Reduce government to get rid
    of social engineering
  • Let private institutions, faith based
    AND secular, take the steps in catering to
    moral choices and implementing them
    so people can choose the companies and
    entities that shape their life
  • Community activism
  • Local community media centers
  • Debate halls
  • Rape, violence counseling
  • Battle platforms as pass time
  • Have people go to recreation
    where they can act on their pain
    instead of mindless recreation
    to knumb their pain
  • [Mission I]:Basic Training

    A counter media and seperatist culture to build a new national moral reference frame

  • Put teen/pre-marital sex into perspective
  • Agrarian morality, united familes and strong churches ideally outfit the individual
  • Those institutions did not hold up in the modern world
  • The individual is unfulfilled, malcontent and confused
  • Bars, activites and other modern recreation is to knumb and pacify
  • We must build this nation's new moral reference frame (i.e. sex, family, government)
  • Building sexual morality will be base for moral revolution
  • Counter media albums and movies

    And just how will we do THAT?

  • Give Americans the right to be seperatists from porno/Hooters-like businesses
  • Massive boycotts
  • Privatize 90% of government operations to stop bureaucrats from engineering our lives
  • Let the Hooters customers go there it in their own segregated communities
  • Aggressive movies and music depicting the moral loss of this nation
  • Family Unit breakdown being systematic in modern times
  • Media, entertainment, complicated life results in moral crisis
  • We need a counter media and a new seperatist culture to battle moral breakdown

    [Mission II]:Sex and Conservatism

  • Specific example of my conservative and virginity views
  • This designed to show people exactly where I stand
  • Exactly what kind of a conservative I am
  • Sex matters in politics, not because we should have federal
    cameras in the bedroom, but because people's sexual choices always
    manifest themselves in some other issue which CAN be legislated
    (i.e. divorce court, adoption, profanity laws, boycotts)
  • The very definition of government IS the legislation of morality!

    [Mission III]:Hardcore Nerdology

  • Where traditional conservatism has failed miserably
  • In these hostile times, guys like me with nerd boy scout morals
    have a refined alienation and rage that must be the building block
    for the new, rougher edged, bold conservatism that the United States needs
  • The themes BEHIND the activism that I want to spawn

    [Mission IV]:Cyberwars

  • The specific execution of my plans
  • The counter media; the complex computer software which depicts ideology by graphics
  • A visual map of the socio-political spectrum in which activism and feuding
    can be highly polarized and executed
  • The record label, the movies, the media centers that will become a way
    for Joe Sixpack to visualize, grasp, disect today's complex mass of overwhelming
    problems and strike at them
  • The mess today will no longer see like a gray, homogenous glob, but a machine
    with movable and breakable parts that can be systematically dismantled

    Subsequent Missions V,VI,VII,VIII are links and a concluding statement...

    Short, short version (August 1999)

    (1)This page is hardcore for pre-marital virginity, but I put it in context of so much other social issues, and political issues. Therefore, I'm going to write this new introduction not just looking at raw teen/pre-marital sex when I started this page in 1996, but all of the following social and political issues that I shortly came later to associate with my pre-marital virginity struggle.

    NOTE:I rewrite introductions a million times; most of the versions are just scattered notes in my composition that never make it to the Internet. I have so much to say and it seems that there is no one true place to start, so I decide to start at what seems like a good beginning then come to another way I can start. So this material may be revised in the future, although it has taken me from May 1997 to August 1999 to add any real new material for my web page.

    (2)Before sexual morality can change, dating morality must change. Therefore, I have laid out a drawn out and multi-leveled agenda. It is our entire nation's sexual moral reference frame:

  • The specific/general and absolute/bendable sex roles for men and women
  • How to treat friends of the opposite sex
  • What makes someone attractive to you
  • Premises and precedents you establish in dating
  • What do you want out of the opposite sex?
  • What does a father figure and mother figure instill in a child? that needs to be rewritten, but I'll usually use the single issue of pre-marital sex as a window to attack all other issues, or as a barometer to judge a scenario or social climate.

    (3)We must alter the outlook of sex in our culture (and nothing short of that) to ever see a reduction in divorce, an end to systematic teen/pre-marital sex, and to not have the intense degree of power struggles and resentment that is growing between the sexes.

    Mission Summary of Virgin Resistance; Quick Version

    This whole country's going straight to hell; This world's coming to an end.

    Virginity is an outright JOKE today! Teen sex is mainstream, and having pre-marital sex is more and more closely associated with being an adult and dominately mainstream, and all attempts and efforts made to fight this just prove how futile it really is.

    This is a camp for gathering of resources, information, debate techniques, ideology maps and activism blueprints that will polarize resisting forces among the anti-pre marital sex population. The problem is not that not enough care or have the resources; it is that the problems are so complex and ever shaping that we need dynamic, spontaneous insitutions and high polarization of all media and actiivsm groups to be effective against this pop culture.

    As life gets more complicated in the modern world, people are swayed into the wrong way of life easier. Leisure time and the multi-media has played a role in that, but radicals like me who have been pushed out of society as a punishment for non-conformity see the mainstream's mistakes from a distance, from the outside. The focus on the sexual materialism (equating sex with something substantive) with use of the entertainment media (the bikini blitz, Hooters, overly made up women on fashion mags, excessively voluptuous and/or skinny women in media) has given us the power to give our enemy a face.

    August 1999
    We equate curves and breasts with female prowess and power, when in actuality any woman having to pimp her body to get ahead has no power. Relationships get degraded into gender based ego battles. We have so much baggage in our lives, that the most complex and delicate thing about us (how we interact romantically with the opposite sex) gets smashed and polluted. The obsession with youthful models emanates the destruction of innocence in our culture. Teeny bopper models with their flesh displayed for tantilization symbolizes how the industry as an older pimp taking advantage of little girls to naive and blinded by stars and glitter (and their own alieantion in their lives) to see that they're exploited. teenage girls who don't have nonchalant sexual morals and pseudo adulthood values are displayed as ugly, backward, masculine and/or psychologically troubled.

    NOTE: The basis of this new refined conservatism

    People like us who live this garbage and are the alieanted ones have a unique first-person edge. We say "we" when we talk about this oppressive pop sex boink "Hooters" culture. Normal political and religious conservatives say "kids" when they speak of these moral travesties. By that perspective, we can now articulate the weird stomach knots that we get when we are hit with elements of society's sexual moral decay. This is an alternative to the flopped 2-dimensional abstinence "teaching" pushed by many decent Americans.

    We (nerds and non-conformists) now have the power to paint a picture, and with that derive a solid agenda to address the social and moral problems that have plagued this great nation for so long.

    God Almighty Lord Jesus Christ, help us all!!!

    If you feel you understand where I'm coming from, it is not necessary to read further, but if you feel that this was too vague, continue.

    Longer version...

    First, you must start with the basics:


    To restructure this nation's sexual moral reference frame so that the current degradation of the institution of marriage and teen/pre-marital virginity is halted. This will also end the systematic spreading of all of the moral ills that follow the degradation of the family unit.

    Define the problem: Attempt 1

    Teen/pre-marital sex

    Problems with Attempt 1: This is nothing new; there would be no point in me starting this web page and just being another voice in the wind. People, for centuries have fought this and the subject is well covered.

    Define the problem: Attempt 2

    The conventional methods for battling teen (and/or) pre-marital sex are flawed:

    1) Kids aren't reached.

    a)They are convinced that the older age bracket doesn't understand.
    b)The message often takes forms of a "Just Say No" tone with no real depth to it.
    c)The teen sex issue if too often addressed as an issue of logic, rather than seen as a heavily emotionally tinged issue. The "reasons" why you shouldn't do it are listed and debated, bringing the "virginity" function or program to and end, with the feeling as if something has really been done.

    2) The agenda isn't clear.

    a)Teen sex is seen as a problem, rather than what it really is: a symptom.
    b)The issue is too often addressed as strictly a surface problem. Let's say that by some miraculous miracle, all teenagers in the country decide simultaneously that the media blitz of all of the mistakes, pregnancies, diseases, and added complications to relationships are caused by teen sex and this "free love" isn't all it's cracked up to be...

    Then what?!!?!?!? What has changed? What has been said? How have they been helped?

    Problems with Attempt 2:The underlying element has not been identified. Dig deeper.

    Define the problem: Attempt 3

    The elements in today's world (generation gap, considerable complication of life - making it harder to be happier) have left us in a world without the tools to resolve the domestic tensions and social questions of that world. We now equate sex as something substantive, see "going out" as the only non-boring thing to do (besides substantive sex), relationships as recreation - taking the respect and appreciation out of it, and have abandoned the concept of right and wrong, leaving ourselves as the prey of opportunism and immediate gratification.


    A nation is nothing without a moral reference frame. What is the building block of the nation's moral reference frame? The cohesive family unit! What is a family before it is a family? A married couple! What is a married couple before a married couple? A dating couple! How to people get to date? Their sexual reference frame they pull from when dealing with the opposite sex!


    Please note that when I say "sexual moral reference frame", I mean the whole ball of wax, not raw intercourse. This connotation is consistent with the belief that sex in INSEPARABLE from love and the realm of feeling, consequence, family, and national repercussion. People having sex before marriage, feeling lust for a stranger, fantasizing about sex or going to a strip tease at the Pink Squirrel on "Whipped cream pajama night" is NOT separating sex from love (it still has all of the repercussions). That is merely mankind's shady attempt to do so. If you smash the glass on a speedometer and push the needle to 110 mph, are you really going that fast????

    Now, when the nation's sexual moral reference frame is tampered with, the nation is screwed. With the modern world here, we have an explosion of:

    A) Leisure time
    B) Options FOR the leisure time
    C) Mass media (entertainment as well as information)
    D) Standard of living (materialism)
    E) Essential need for a specific career
    F) systematic family unit breakdown

    ALL leading to...

    A) Generation gap
    B) Focusing on the tangible and immediate
    C) Confusion for life goals (result in unfulfillment and malcontentment)
    D) Clear division of social class (non-financial) I.E. the "cools" and "nerds". The ones who know all of the slang, girl pick up lines, social pass codes and emotional intimidation techniques, wears the right clothes, hairstyle, type of music, etc. It transcends material recreation and becomes attitude.
    F) Violence coming out of unstable homes

    With this "lunch rush" mentality that has been incorporated into everyday life, the common man is far more likely to embrace a lot of knee-jerk ideologies in his life. Things aren't always thought out, or done on what initially feels good or right. Sex is no exception. It is a very complicated issue, and it is commonly believed that because one's body and sexuality is a very personal thing, that we are inherently inclined to be very perceptive to what is beneficial to us, and far less likely to hurt ourselves. INSANE! We can not equate something very personal with something democratic. Sex (like I said, not just the raw intercourse, but relationships, love and marriage) is so complicated that few people could ever just go about life without ever discussing sex, love, dating and relationships without making some serious, hurtful mistakes. We have adopted the way of thinking that there is no right or wrong that transfers from individual to individual. We are all God in our own, personalized reality. The individual can make no mistakes, therefore whenever anyone takes the initiative to help someone by gathering information, asking them to question their actions or behaviors (after seeing people seriously hurt themselves with rushed sex) is labeled as a Nazi or an "old fogie".

    The previous paragraph is not making an argument for suppression of the individual, rather it is EXPOSING examples of individualism being suppressed! The problem is that people today are becoming less and less understanding that not everyone can know everything about every aspect of life. Therefore, it is in the interests of rugged individualism for convention and authority to be established, so that a VAST majority of individuals aren't swept away in their own drowning mess of knee-jerk idealism (the belief that all first impulses are always right). These established institutions (i.e. churches... remember those?) are designed to help people unlock their true self, not suppress it for the sake of order or benefit of society only as a whole in some communist fashion.

    Implementation... (the "meat and potatoes")

    There are NO, absolutely NO quick fix or linear methods to destroy the current insane, exploding teen sex rate (as well as the acceptance and second level consequences that no one hears about); the trick is that there IS no trick. There are no stick worshiping, backward, archaic magic spells that we can use to destroy the teen sex rate. It WILL be done by conventional methods, (TV, magazines, information data bases organized electronically for instant access) through the use of UNconventional techniques (massive, unprecedented amount of information exchange, databases organized with software that can go deeply down as the personal level for each user, deeper, thicker analyzation of the argument of the "safer sex" and pro-unconditional sex crowd, use of emotion through media footage, events, and so on to inject the human effect of living as a teen in this country (under this decay) so that the problems are expressed as mere statistics, massive integration of the exploding multi-media into the political system (far more directly than is being done now - for example, virgin gurus examining current bills, laws and voting records of any and all politicians and organizing the information as to what themes the legislator must apparently be pulling from). Every time someone throws their arms in the air and says how teen sex is so bad, and we'll never reduce it, they do so because they know that any close version of the agenda that anyone's had in the past to combat it has failed miserably, but now that society has mutated in it's current form, the younger generation now lives in a world where there are so many labels, and means of classification and identification that things like moral issues and struggles can be pictured, seen clearly (mentally) and identified (in respect to what ultimate lines of thinking is this lifestyle coming from... i.e. moral relativism, crowd conformity, false interpretation of stress and/or youthful anxiety, embracing of knee-jerk idealism, lack of core ethics, social submissiveness and so on).

    In this page, context is everything! Nothing will mean anything if you don't get the underlying gist of what my intentions are. The words alone can't do it!!

    As you will see when you get to Mission III, I label the particular sect of social conservatism to which I belong as Hardcore Nerdology. Among other things, I claim that for whatever reason (environment, mind set, genes) things concerning minuscule degrees of modern versions of social decay and immoral lifestyle choices flare in my eyes like a red flag. I grew up in a small town, and have had my original set of parents, so I think that and more gave me the hard roots of social conservatism. Also, the little Nazi-White supremacist school that I went to, Sacred Heart Elementary, had an extreme number of cliques, and the studying of the element of conformity was such a science that I was well use to the ideas of power struggles in the social arena by mid elementary (I'm sure many others are also). With things like entertainment on television, the explosion of music and its videos, and possessions like T-shirts, bumper stickers, various types of clothes and such (that can act as extremities are indications of what kind of person they are) have acted as a paint cloaking an invisible phenomena of today; the sub-culture to which someone belongs. I feel that because our generation was born into so much of this deep social liberalism, that we have a keen tune to a lot of the second phase results of old-fashioned values crumbling in the modern world. One prime example is relationships; with all of the demands of the modern world, they seem to be written off as a nuisance rather than a priority. Relationships are now things that can weigh you down and stop you from having fun; college kids are so stuck in the sixth grade sexual moral reference frame that they swear allegiance to it at the expense of their own happiness. I actually found a site on the net where a woman COMPLAINED that now that she's in college, men were acting more mature on dates and opening the door for her and such! Can you imagine a 21 year old complaining about that? I bet money that she's had sex before, so why would someone do an "adult" thing like sex and complain about a more "mature" date?? Is it because pre-marital sex is not something that is inherent to adults having deep feelings for each other and both being "responsible" to know if they are "ready"? Could it be that most people take distinct elements of sexual ethics that they are spoon-fed by current tradition without further examination?

    This struggle is not about raw sex; it's about the compromise of our entire sexual ethics reference frame (dating, kissing, relationships, friends of the opposite sex) the only way that this cultural struggle will be won is through a massive media explosion that will act as the battlefield for all those who have anything to say about sex and marriage and all else. The sub-cultures are already here. The battles across the media have already been happening; it's time to amplify them so more and more immediate and long range conflict can happen. It is the only way.

    E-mail Virgin Resistance!

    A very big thank you note to all my flame/hate mail, past and present:

    When you pseudo-sexual freedom advocates (extreme liberals and/or boinkers) show me your ill-founded anger and biting sarcasm, (you think that me telling it like it is so wrong while you don't have the GUTS to address the problem of skyrocketing teen sex and divorce as serious and inexcusable) you are proving to me that I am on to something here and that I am on the right track. You have confirmed that I know how to draw blood; otherwise, I wouldn't be able to get under your skin in the way that I do. So keep it up so you can make this lowly nerd an even more powerful vessel of the REAL Sexual Revolution that is to come, than what I am already today!

    You get me off when you flame me! THANKS!

    August 4 1999
    Like my friend Mike Allen from the website "Strange Disposed Times" has stated: The sexual revolution didn't free women from sexual repression; it freed men from sexual responsibility. And until men and women stop treating each other like dogs, it doesn't matter how much of these little maggot victories we have like this tiny 1998 drop in teen sex we had; because people like me will still be justified in our anger.

    To all my fans, I love each and everyone of you. Peace brothers! (gender neutral) Remember the importance of staying connected and the true power and potential of a world at your fingertips can be. We can help each other understand ourselves and our own ideals better the more we communicate with each other. Remember, if we get a little down when it seems like the sexual liberals are becoming more and more mainstream, then we are asserting that they are building their actions of of ill-founded premises; therefore we are forced to acknowledge that they can fall. We believe in right and wrong; and we believe in consequence! Therefore it is irrational of us to believe that they are an undefeatable foe! Put your faith in God...

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