Our objective is to defy what we have come to call the "God State", which is the combination of pop-culture with Big Government. The odds are stacked against us, and the cutural war is not going well at all...

Explanation of the "God State" and all of its horrors

Why be a reactionary instead of a plain old conservative? What I mean by extremism and why I advocate it

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(1)How the oversimplistic linear "liberal-moderate-conservative" scale is misused in the context of apathy, cynicism and compromise, and leads to thinking that fence straddling or abandoning social issues is the best position for America.

(2)Some starting example of the cross-over factions between the Left and Right where twists and bends in the spectrum reveal strange bedfellows; hybrid political pockets that have no easy definition.

(3)Why a long and drawn out, complex and unconventional scale of the socio-political spectrum can have any impact on the power based, immediate gratification political process.

(4)An extreme (but consistent) conservatism IS tolerance! See my argument that today's moderates (under the new ideology of the "mid-winged" extremists and "Clintservatism") can make some of the worst intolerant elitists. See how we can reach out to excluded women, ignored minorities and other alienated sub-cultures (people that come from violent backgrounds or have had religion forced on them) so that we can convince them that liberalism is not their friend.

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Political Correctness
psycho-analyzing the psycho-analyzers
Our guilt of past & present oppression leads to hypersensitive tip-toe politics

Where old-fashioned conservatism and rabid feminists have common ground
sexism; male dominance

Social Engineering
The liberal version of so called conservative "goverment in the bedroom"
synonymous with "Big Brother" in George Orwell's 1984

making a religion out of trees and oneness
the common denomiator of humanity under liberalism must be (as the focus of the modern world) tangible and immediate

Good old fashioned redneck Ku Klux Klan, Bubba Bo Bob, cross burning, sheet totin' slave lynching, racial issues
gangsta rap
black conservatives

Wa$hington dollar$ and $lutty $lime $leaze in the U$A...
libertarianism; fiscal conservatism
campaign finance reform; green's the blood color of the beast of corruption and power lust

New World Order
Coming of the Mark of The Beast 666
The United Nations and globalization
Is this whacko paranoid extremism or a reality too difficult to deal with?

Half naked teenage girl pop singers having more sexual authority than the Pope
How politicians and entertainers who don't know each other exist are ultimately working hand in hand
The Trench Coat Mafia - nerds killing jocks at high schools; revitalization of Old World hatred
My web page "Virgin Resistance!" reveals the severity of sexual politics


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